Friday, January 4, 2013

Thrifty in '13

With a new year upon us, everybody seems to be making resolutions. Keith and I didn't sit down and specifically make any, but we do have some goals for this year. I know Keith wants to exercise more, and I just want to commit to doing more. I love to read, but I have to set the books aside and get a little busier. Here are some of the specific things I want to get busy at, and when I looked at my list, they all seemed to coincide with spending a little less too.

1. Baking bread. Bert loves toast, and I could definitely be a carb addict. It's time that I jumped in and starting making more of my own bread. Keith is campaigning for rye and fancy things; I just want a loaf of whole wheat that actually rises! My grammy has made all her own bread and rolls for as long as anyone can remember, so maybe I can carry on that tradition.

2. Grow more. More specifically, grow longer. We want to get some plantings started earlier, and plant some hardier things later in the season, and really get the most out of the garden space we have. This past fall, I actually threw a few more lettuce and spinach seeds into one of our small beds and we were eating salads into November. I think we can do better though, and add some things like cabbage and brussels sprouts to our fall plantings.

3. Get clean. I should spend more time cleaning. We may not have the budget to have all new floors and furniture, but we should at least have clean floors and furniture. In that vein, I also want to make more of my own cleaning products, using things like vinegar and baking soda.

4. New windows. Our planned big project for this year that we are budgeting for is new windows and a door for our mud room/laundry room. If you are wondering how that fits into being thrifty, you should feel the cold air that comes in around them all winter long. I think replacing them will go a long way in reducing our heating costs, as well as being more secure. And looking a lot better.

5. Stay entertained. With Bert getting older and more active, we are always on the lookout for fun things to do as a family that don't cost too much. I want to be better about searching out and planning more low-cost activities for us.

6. Get craftier. I really enjoy making cards and gifts. My problem is that I don't plan ahead and give myself enough time to do projects. So the goal for this year is to keep an eye on the calendar and get busy with making personalized cards and thoughtful gifts. Oh, and I started a BIG project for Bert, which I will fill you in on soon.

So there it is. I've said it so you can all hold me to it. But please don't be too hard on me if you don't get a handmade card for your birthday, ok?


  1. We share many of the same goals--and today I finally started on my artisan loaves, and my first one was really good. This book is great, if you're interested in learning a cheat-kind of way. I can teach you too.

    1. That looks like a great book! I might take you up on a baking lesson or two...

  2. I made my own cleaner from distiller white vinegar and water. I think I like it better than anything I have bought. No filmy residue left behind on surfaces!

    1. And it doesn't have a harsh chemical smell either I bet!

  3. It did smell like vinegar some. I read to Putin some drops of scented oil. I have lavender, I might have to try it.


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