Elliott Each Week

My baby is one. Unbelievable.

Joined by the big C for week 51. To think that a year ago, we were just waiting on this little guy, eating pizza and Chinese to jumpstart labor. Not that any of it worked.

Two of us trying to get him to lay still, and this was the best we could do.

I could barely get him to sit still, forget about laying down.

48 weeks and he's so over this picture-taking thing.

Absolutely, positively not staying put today. Little man on the move.

Keith and Colter got haircuts Sunday night. This little man is safe for a little while yet.

Is this a "Say cheese!" face or what?

Colter loaned us a tractor, which kept Elliott still for .2 seconds.

We needed Daddy to help keep E on the fabric this week.

Look at all that hair!

Happy to have his daddy to look at for this week's photo!

Week 40 means Elliott has been out as long as he was in!

In Maine for week 39, hence the very late posting, and different format, of the photo!

So serious today. And won't stay put unless he gets interested in something!

The white onesie is looking a little less than white with all the sliding around this guy is doing these days!

Stripes have to go the opposite way now because my little man keeps getting longer and leaner!

Yep, those are two teeth poking through on the top!

I am thinking I should have bought more than one yard of this fabric...he's getting kind of long!

Elliott, you are getting too big! 

This picture is apparently the most fun he's had in his whole life. 

"And so that's when I said…" Doesn't he just look like he is ready to tell a story?

Hello, everybody!

A day late, a day cuter…

It only took 28 weeks to get the first roll of the eyes from my baby…

Almost forgot that today is Tuesday!

Wow, his face looks so much leaner than last week!

Welcome to the 9-month onesie! Seriously now.

Does it get any better?

New nickname: Scooter. Elliott is pushing himself around on his back and almost off the fabric.

Oh, I love that double chin!

Boy, the weeks are flying by! And look, his hair is coming back!

More like week 20 1/2 but Elliott doesn't seem to care.

Feet of fury! 

Funky lighting, great smile for week 18!

Big brother photo bomb!

Time for long sleeves!

It was hard to get Elliott to look at me, he was so busy watching Colter run around.

Who cares if the lighting is right, Mom? Just take it and get me back in warm clothes!

Tomorrow marks three months since the littlest little man joined us!

Almost forgot about the weekly photo with this little thing called Christmas going on. Elliott was incredibly relaxed after a bath.

I think these photos are as much for me as for all of you, because sometimes I don't notice how much Elliott changes until I look back through them!

Welcome to double digits, and the 3-6 month onesie, Elliott!

Elliott is really becoming his own little person, making lots of faces and "talking" more and more.

Yes, that's a thumb-sucking attempt. No interest in a pacifier, but he'll take that thumb whenever he manages to get it in his mouth. Serves me right.

Is it just me, or does Elliott's face change a lot week to week?

Sorry for the delay, but here is week 6, finally!

Movin' and shakin' at week 5. And starting to look like a chubby baby!

In case you had any illusions about Elliott always being a happy baby, here is exhibit A. Also, he has not filled out that much in a week – we've made the transition to cloth diapers.

To infinity and beyond!

It's Wednesday and the ironing board never came out. So much for those goals!

So here we are, with weekly pictures of our new little man, wide-eyed at one week! Next week's goals: photo up on Tuesday, and get the fabric ironed.


  1. I think this child actually looks like his mother!

  2. Elliott is soooooo adorable Tara I can`t wait to meet


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