Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stocking Makeover

I know we wrapped up Christmas over a month ago, but I have one more thing to share with you. (Was it really only a month ago? It seems like it has been winter forever...)

Back before Christmas, Bert and I stopped over at a friend's house. I commented on her family's stockings, and she said she had made her's and her husband's. You have seen Bert's stocking, and Keith and mine pale in comparison. She offered me the book she had used for making their's, since I am certainly not going to cross-stitch two more of these anytime soon.

I didn't manage to get anything done before Christmas, but I made a promise to myself that the stockings weren't going back in the box of Christmas decorations before I did something about them.

Since our stockings were pretty basic, I decided to embellish what we had instead of sewing new ones for each of us.

I flipped through the book a couple times, and was drawn to the simplicity of using some buttons and embroidery floss to decorate our stockings. (I think the book was called something really simple and obvious like The Christmas Stocking Book but I can't remember for sure now.)

I played around with a couple arrangements before deciding that I really liked these funky fabric-covered buttons I had in my box. With the different colors and patterns on the buttons, they didn't seem to need any extra stitching so I just put one in each scallop and stitched my name.

For Keith's, I decided to make a snowflake out of the buttons.

I did add some extra stitching around those buttons. When I mentioned to Keith that I thought it would be pretty tight to stitch his name on, he suggested just doing the "K."

And then I found a little bow off a Christmas card and it looked cute on mine so I glued that on too.

So there it is. A simple project that cost nothing but my time. All I needed was a little inspiration. (Thanks, Kathleen!)

Ok, now we are officially done with Christmas. Unless you are my mom-mom, who probably has half of this year's Christmas shopping done already...

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