Monday, August 27, 2012

Splish Splash

Yesterday afternoon was warm and muggy and Bert hadn't napped long enough. We were all feeling a little restless. The thought of going to the town pool crossed my mind, but packing up towels and sunscreen and swim diapers and changing in and out of bathing suits, and paying about $10 for Keith and I to get in for a whopping fifteen minutes of entertainment for Bert made me tired just thinking about it. Then I remembered a suggestion from someone at story time at the library: the fountain up at the university. It's wet, it has steps for Bert to climb up and down, and it's free. It did still involve a swim diaper and suit for Bert, but Keith and I didn't have to change so it was a lot easier.

I hesitated for just a moment because all the college students moved back in this weekend, but we decided if it was crowded, we would just come back home with the benefit of having a nice walk. Lucky for us, there were a few kids that passed by and took their shoes off to walk in the water, but mostly it was just us. And Bert had a blast.

He climbed up and down, splashed in the water, and pointed and talked to the students passing by.

On the other side of the plaza is another fountain, with a pool around it. We put Bert in, expecting him to climb right back out. Much to our surprise, he started running around in the water, which was a little above his knees.

When Keith tried to get him, he just ran faster.

Which was ok until he stumbled, and went down on his hands and knees. When he tried to get up, he pretty much belly flopped and got a face full of water.

Then he was not so thrilled. No tears, but it was obvious he wasn't into being completely soaked.

So, back over to the big fountain, where he carried rocks around.

 Still not sure what he thinks about the waterfall coming down on his head.

It was a fun afternoon, and he was actually tired enough when we got back to take a short nap before dinner, which means he was much more pleasant for the rest of the evening. And that makes us all happy.

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  1. We love that fountain! And I hear you about the K-town pool--too expensive for a quick dip.


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