Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What's Going On

Are you thinking the same thing I am? That you need a break from recipes and would prefer a little update? Yeah, me too.

The garden is moderately abundant (is that an oxymoron?), with plenty of produce coming on, but it seems like never enough of one thing to do anything with. I was looking forward to trying out my pressure canner on some green beans, but even with a friend's extras, I only had six 6 cups and it just wasn't worth the bother for three jars. Option B: blanche and freeze. I feel like I am holding my breath, waiting for the tomatoes to overrun us. I picked some yesterday but again, not enough to do sauce with. We lost a lot to blossom-end rot, but the ones that are ripening now are looking better. What we did have a lot of was corn. I headed out late last week, thinking there would be a dozen ears or so to pick and cut off to freeze raw. I ended up pulling 49 ears and doing corn like my mom does, cooking with sugar before freezing.

Over the weekend, we went to my family reunion, which was a lot of fun. Bert got to be the center of attention, and I got a break from chasing him around. He really enjoyed helping to feed the fish at the recently stocked pond (bass and blue gills, I think), and even tried to sample a few of the fish pellets himself. All that excitement must have worn him out, because he slept really well for being in a different place.

Every Monday through August, I am leading the baby lapsit story time at the library. Bert and I have been going pretty regularly since he was about  two weeks old. The librarian that had been doing it (and doing a fantastic job) left for another position, so they asked for volunteers until a new librarian is hired. She left some big shoes to fill, but thankfully the under-4 set is a forgiving audience and the other moms know the words to all the songs.

Monday night was my first meeting as a member of our borough's Environmental Advisory Commission. A friend asked if I would like to join, and I had been thinking for awhile that I needed to get more involved in the community. This seemed like the perfect fit for me, since they help shape policy for the borough with regards to environmental concerns. There was no election, but I did have to get approved and appointed by the borough council and am considered an appointed official. Sounds very important doesn't it?

But just when you think things are going great...

Bert and I were getting ready to head out for a walk this morning, to enjoy one of the few pleasant mornings we've had this summer, when he threw up all over himself, me, and the living room carpet. I didn't know where to reach first and it just kept coming. I tried to get to the dining room for some napkins and really only managed to get more of the mess in more of the house, so I finally gave up and carried him up to the bathtub, stripped him down, rinsed him off, cleaned myself up, and laid him down. He slept for awhile and I cleaned up the mess. When he woke up, I kept giving him a little bit of water every ten minutes or so. He was really cranky so he was only up about an hour and a half before I put him down for another nap. After his nap, it was more fluids and since he was keeping them down, a little bit of dry cereal. By dinner, I thought we were in good shape so I gave him part of a piece of toast. Keith suggested we go for a walk so I took Bert out and put him in his stroller. He was all strapped in and then, you know what's coming. He got sick all over again. So I stripped him down in the yard, Keith grabbed some wet paper towels, and we cleaned him up. Then he played happily outside while Keith hosed off the stroller. You would think baby gear would be made with removable, washable cover. Not so. Keith ran to the grocery store for some Pedialyte to make sure Bert was getting something in him. After a couple small rounds of that, it was off to bed. Here's hoping tomorrow goes a little better and doesn't involve a trip to the doctor's office.

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