Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bert the Ripper

Does this look like the face of destruction to you?

If you happen to be a board book with flaps, watch out!

Bert is on a tear (haha) lately, ripping the flaps out of his books, exposing poor, unsuspecting critters that used to have haystacks, bushes, and barn doors to hide behind.

We have a pile of pieces to reattach to his books, though I'm pretty sure he's eaten a few of them before I've gotten them picked up.

Of course, if you try to catch him in the act of vandalizing his books, he sits and very gently lifts flaps and turns pages. 

I guess we'll just say his books are "well loved," because he does often sit and page through them, lifting flaps and pointing at things, babbling at the animals on the pages. He'll even bring one over and sit on our laps when he wants to be read to. I don't think I'll be putting out any book that isn't a board book for awhile though...


  1. we were just talking about this!

    1. I know! It's like he heard us and decided he should start destroying them. Do you think your sweet little girl will be gentler with her toys than each of our boys?


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