Monday, August 1, 2011

Po-tay-toe, Po-tah-toe

In a fit of productivity, Keith dug up all our potatoes out of the garden. This year we had a good amount of nice sized potatoes from just 6 hills. We planted them from last year's potatoes that sprouted.

Because our basement is so damp, potatoes don't keep that well. We decided to try freezing them this year. After a little internet research, we decided on this method from

Diced potatoes can be frozen for use in a variety of recipes. Here's how:
  • Peel two pounds of potatoes. (or whatever amount you want to work with.) Cut the potatoes into 1-inch cubes.

  • Simmer the diced potatoes in salted water until just tender.
  • Spray a sheet pan with non-stick cooking oil and spread cooked potatoes in a single layer on the pan.
  • Place the pan of diced potatoes in the freezer until frozen solidly.

  • Transfer the frozen potato cubes to freezer bags or containers to use as needed.
  • When ready to use, reheat diced potatoes in simmering water.
Keith left the skins on since we grew red potatoes and like the skins in mashed potatoes. Hopefully it will be a successful way of storing potatoes! Has anybody else tried freezing potatoes?

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