Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Few Firsts

Can you believe it? Bert has grown out of his newborn clothes already! He has started to smile at us (when he's not screaming at us) and is playing and looking around more all the time. He is also sleeping more (yes!), thanks in part to surrendering to swaddling. Swaddling = a 5-6 hour stretch each night. It is blissful. He has also taken to his pacifier, which makes the "I'm fussy for no good reason" times much more manageable. And bearable.

Two weekends ago, Bert had his first road trip to my family reunion. The rain was pouring down, I ran into the cabin with the baby, and never went back out for the camera. Duh. But here's a picture from the next afternoon napping with Uncle Travis back at Memere and Popper's house (my parents).

Later that Sunday when we got home, there were fireworks at the park across the street from our house. Bert's first fireworks! He should be thrilled! He screamed until we took him back inside, and then he slept in his swing until they were over. Is that how a baby shows he is thrilled?

I need to work on the nighttime settings on the camera. Oh, and the streetlight really adds to the shots, huh?

Next up was the local fair. His first fair! Can you guess what Bert thought of that? Yeah, he slept through it.

But here's what we saw...

We so need a goat.
Better check the borough code first...
Adorable piglets! There were at least 10 of them.
Keith says, "Can you imagine if you had a whole litter
to feed instead of just one?"

Family reunions, fireworks, and fairs. Ahhhh....summer.

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