Monday, July 25, 2011

No, We Haven't Fallen Off the Face of the Earth

As you may have surmised from the lack of posts, we haven't been doing much. I shouldn't say that. It feels like we've been doing a lot. A lot of nursing. A lot of diaper changing. A lot of onesie changing because Bert likes to pee on himself during the diaper changing. Or spit up on himself. And the onesie changing leads to laundry. And if we have a doctors appointment or want to leave the house for any reason, it feels like a two hour ordeal to get him fed, in a clean diaper, in a clean onesie, in the car seat, and finally in the car. Whew. But now we are about 2 1/2 weeks into this and it's starting to feel like it's coming a bit more naturally. Sometimes.

Anyway, Keith has been a trouper and managed to keep our garden going while I sat around like a zombie with my mini milk-sucking vampire attached. He's been picking peppers to freeze, and he took care of pulling, peeling, and blanching all of our carrots to freeze. And we had a lot of carrots. It was a whole day project to get them all ready for the freezer, mostly because he had to wait on me hand and foot throughout the day. Mind you, he did this when we had only been home for about four days; it has just taken me that long to post about it. We ended up with about 10 pint bags of carrots. I'm hoping to thaw some of them and make baby food when Bert is eating solid foods. Here's a look at the mountain of carrots:

By now you are probably thinking, "Do they know that their carrots don't look like carrots? There must be something in the water..." Actually, the seeds came from Burpee and they are called "kaleidoscope mix".  The purple ones are really orange inside once they are peeled, but the yellow and white ones have their colors all the way through. It makes for a little more interesting looking dinner plate, though they taste like any other carrots.

Last night, we had some sweet corn from our garden and it was delicious. The tomatoes are starting to come on and Keith picked a few tiny red ones, but most are still green. The peppers are abundant, though not as sweet and juicy as last year because it has been so hot and dry lately.

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