Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Diaper Diaries: Part 2

As promised, I am back with an update on the cloth diapering. We started using them over the weekend, just after Bert passed the 3 week mark. They are a little bulky, but seem to be working well. His newborn sized clothes don't fit over them so well, so we have started putting him in the 0-3 month size clothes. It seems that the diaper changes are a little more frequent, as the cloth diapers don't absorb pee quite like disposables but what's an extra diaper change or two during the day?

I washed one load so far, using my homemade laundry detergent and dried them on the line and everything looked very clean. We have been storing the dirty diapers and cloth wipes in a wet bag and haven't noticed the smell, even with the heat we've been dealing with.

Since Bert likes to pee and poop immediately after a clean diaper is under him, I feel a lot better using the cloth diapers. It really irked me to have to toss a disposable diaper that hadn't even been on the kid long enough to undo the velcro! At least with the cloth diapers, it's just another one to go in the wash.

We will probably still use disposables if we go away for the weekend or something just for the convenience, but at home, we are officially cloth diaper converts. Or should I say, Bert is the convert.

Look at those muscles!

I should note that we are dealing with some diaper rash, so I have been using the liners that came with the bummis cloth diaper kit to keep the diaper cream from getting on the diaper. This is recommended because the cream can interfere with the absorbency of the diaper. The liner is almost like toilet paper, but a little softer, and can just be flushed or thrown in the trash. Hopefully the rash will clear up soon!


  1. Are you using Bummies exclusively? This is my biggest fear. Cloth diapers are such a huge investment, I want to be sure I buy the best ones, but how do you know which ones are the best?

  2. We are using the Bummis exclusively. I am pretty happy with them. I would like to try a couple different methods of folding the diapers in the covers to help prevent leakage (the user guide that comes with the kit shows several different techniques). We've had a few big poops that have leaked onto the covers and need to wash the covers more often than I expected. The Bummis were recommended to me by another new mom and we just went with it. The choices in cloth diapers are a little overwhelming! I thought about some of the all in one options, but they seemed too expensive and like they would take a long time to dry.

    I bought my Bummis from and was able to find a discount code online for 20% off my total purchase, plus they have free shipping on orders over $99, so be sure to search for the discount code! Check out Diaper Diaries Part 1 for a rundown of everything I bought.

  3. WOW! Bert looks soo much like his dad when he was a baby! I got the honor of changing his diapers. He looks like he will be a tall one to!


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