Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pesto, Presto!

You probably saw our purple basil here a few days ago when I mentioned that I wanted to make purple pesto. As I started picking, I realized I was going to have to combine my regular and purple basil to make a batch so, alas, no vibrantly purple pesto. Yeah, I'm a little bummed too.

Fresh-picked basil
Anyway, pesto is pretty simple. I use this recipe but instead of freezing it in ice cube trays, I put it in little containers to freeze. We tried ice cube trays last year, but couldn't get the pesto out nicely so hopefully these little containers will work out. This batch only made about 2 cups, so I hope to make more once my basil fills in again. 

So easy, just throw all the ingredients
 in the food processor
Because I mixed the green and purple basil, we didn't get that nice vibrant green color normally associated with fresh pesto. Keith referred to the color as "boogerey".  He may be right, but it still tastes delicious.

Ready to freeze
Side note: I love my new food processor! It was a baby shower gift from my mom to make baby food with but we are finding lots of uses for it pre-baby. It certainly makes quick work of pesto!

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