Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All Things Green and Growing

It seems we are about due for a little update on the garden and other things growing around here, so welcome to your picture tour!

The herb tub has really taken off

Purple basil – we need to make some purple pesto!

Lilies in bloom

Chinese lantern plant? Japanese ballon plant?
I forget what it was called but it's pretty!

Green beans

Green beans the bunny won't let alone

Blueberries on the way!

Peas coming on, slowly but surely

A teeny tiny pepper, slightly bigger than my thumbnail!

Carrots, spinach, lettuce, onions

The garden, recently weeded for your viewing pleasure

Volunteer pumpkins
As you saw above, the neighborhood rabbits have been after some of our green beans. This is where I admit that our homemade rabbit repellent was less than successful. We did go back to Liquid Fence, the product we had used last year with good results, but apparently the bunnies just don't care what things taste like because they keep eating the beans farthest away from the house. So, at this rate, I think we might just mooch some beans off my mom or pick up a basket at the farmers' market to freeze for the winter.

Our strawberries are done for the season, and the spinach and lettuce are rapidly winding down as well. We froze quite a bit of spinach (using this method) and it is beginning to go to seed and the lettuce is starting to get bitter, so we'll pull all of it out and plant our cucumbers. With a small garden area, we have to plant things in succession. We might plant spinach again in the fall to enjoy fresh greens before winter sets in, but we have frozen all we can use.

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