Monday, July 28, 2014

Turning Tables

A friend recently offered us a plastic picnic tables his girls had outgrown, and we were pretty excited because we have been on the lookout for a kids table for the patio. The only downside was that it was pink. And purple. A little too girly for our little men.

Lest you think color would deter us from accepting a freebie, we had a remedy for that. Keith was off to the hardware store to pick up some spray paint for plastic in some tamer tones, and had that table painted in no time. So fast I never got before pictures.

Ok, not quite that fast. I just didn't take them. Colter and I scrubbed everything down really well, and the following weekend Keith got to painting.

The can recommended letting it sit seven days to fully cure and prevent chipping, so we waited a week to put it back together. It isn't totally chip-proof, so we'll see how it holds up in the long run.

For now though, we have seating for the little folks. Even if one of them refuses to look at the camera.

Well, C, if that's the way you are going to be, we'll bring in the second string.

When did E get so big?

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