Monday, July 14, 2014

Birthday x 3

I showed you how we got a little celebrating in while in Maine,

but let's not forget that the little man's big day actually happened at home. We were all pretty wiped out from just returning home the night before, but at least Keith had the day off yet and got to be around to celebrate with Colter. We've lucked out for his first two birthdays falling on Saturday and Sunday, and his third being one Keith had off.

He woke up to find his presents waiting for him in the living room.

He was pretty excited when he realized what was in that big bag...

a tricycle!

So excited he had to go sit down for a minute and just take it in.

Then there was a dump truck Keith found in Maine.

And some left-handed scissors for our little lefty, along with some stickers and Curious George notecards.

But really, it was all about the tricycle.

He could barely wait to get it outside and start pedaling.

Then after lunch, Keith made some birthday s'mores. The bike helmet barely came off all day!

We did have a little cake at home too. Keith said he didn't need another one, but what's a birthday without a cake? Especially when you are three!

Over the weekend, we went up to Keith's parents' house so they could spoil the birthday boy some more (and treat the whole family to a delicious meal!).

The best kind of birthdays are the ones that start early and go long and you get to see all the people who love you! Thanks to everyone for making it special for our not-so-little man!

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