Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Maine-ly Fun

Once again, July found us in Maine for our summer vacation. Being away with two little ones had its challenges, mainly that the littlest one didn't sleep very well at all. But we were happy to be near the water, to check out our favorite places – tool stores and yarn stores, restaurants and ice cream shops – and spend the week with family.

C sporting his new life vest...

E getting wet. He wasn't too happy his first time in, but liked it later in the week. In his defense, the water was pretty chilly!

Paddling about with Daddy...

Colter wanted everyone to play in the boat with him...

...then insisted that we all put our arms in the air for the photo. Aye, aye Captain!

A very cute crew mate...

...and a very messy eater.

Not to be outdone...

Zoe reading down by the lake.

Little men, ready for bed. Don't be fooled that it means they will actually sleep or anything.

Oh, and Colter boogered up his head by falling off the bed the first night we arrived.

The really cool children's museum in Portland was a hit with Colter. I liked the graphics on the wall.

All the way to Maine and he just wants to drive the tractor!

There was a whole other floor but C stuck mostly to the fire truck and the tractor. It's very hard for me to let him just do his thing when I want to make sure he sees everything. But all he wanted was that tractor!

Trying to get a nice family shot.

Wait, are we missing someone?

Now we are all here!

Would you two please look at the camera?

Can you tell how hard I'm holding onto C?

Maybe next year.

Next! What a good looking (and growing!) family!

And the oldies but goodies!

Maybe we stick with the casual shots.

"I will figure out this sippy cup!"

A nice neighbor snapped a few group shots for us.

There was a boat parade around the lake for the 4th, which we all enjoyed and have plans to join next year.

A guest appearance by Willie Nelson...

Boats! Puts a new spin on the "floats" in a parade.

Uncle Travis, you are so goofy!

And a little pre-birthday celebration – with one giant whoopie pie – since the gang was together.

The other birthday boy helped blow out the candles.

Elliott tried to eat toes instead of cake.

Since it was rainy the night of the 4th, there were no fireworks but we were treated to quite a display the following night. Keith captured just a bit of what was a better than half-hour show, alternating between several places around the lake. And since it woke the boys up, they got to come out on the dock and enjoy some of it with us.

So the week might not have been as relaxing as other (read "pre-kid") years, but it was great to get away and enjoy one of our favorite spots among family.

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