Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Two, Too Fast

The weekend of Bert's second birthday was a busy one. My cousin got married on Saturday (congratulations Joe and Megan!) and, because Saturday was my dad's birthday and Bert shares his birthday with his great-grandpop, my mom hosted a slew of family for all the birthday boys.

She graciously prepped all the food, though Bert helped ice and sprinkle the cake.

"The icing goes right there, Memere!"

Bert has been a bit obsessed with blue-sprinkled donuts from the farmers' market, so Memere really came through on making his cake special.

Then it was time for a little present opening.

Keith and I got him a play kitchen, and some things to go with it.

He was very excited to wash his hands in the little sink.

He loves to help put away groceries, so he was thrilled to have his own little boxes of real crackers to stash in his cabinet.

A ride on the hobby horse from Uncle Travis and Carmela was up next.

Later on, after lunch, it was time for cake and ice cream, with a little help from Zoƫ to blow out the candle.

Bert had no problem digging into his chocolate cake and homemade black raspberry ice cream on his own.

And apparently I forgot to take any pictures of Bert opening the rest of his presents. He got a bunch of really great things and has been enjoying playing with all of them in the couple days since his birthday.

Thanks to everyone for coming and sharing Bert's big day! It was lovely to see everybody.

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  1. What a wonderful birthday for a darling little boy! Love the play kitchen!


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