Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring Moss-t Be Close

I can't be the only one itching to get outside and dig in the dirt. We have had such mild winter weather that the birds are chirping and the daffodils along the side of the house are poking out already. Bert and I went for a walk around the block the other day and noticed some crocuses blooming already. And then we get a rainy, miserable day when we can only dream of being outside.

It might be too early to start planting things outside, but it seemed like a fine time get the green going indoors. When my mom came to visit the other weekend, she brought me some moss because I had been talking about starting a terrarium. Then we were poking around a thrift store and I found a nice little lidded glass container (maybe a candy dish?) that I thought would be perfect.

The whole process is really simple. Put a layer of gravel in the bottom of your container (which should have a lid, but not a tight-fitting one so it can get air), covered by a layer of activated charcoal. Keith had some around for the filter of the turtle tank, so I'm sure you can find it at a pet supply store or garden store. Then enough potting soil for the roots to take hold (I put about 2 inches in mine). Gently tuck your moss in and add a little water and you should be good to go. Now that I have moss on the brain, I'm seeing it everywhere: in the park, in cracks in the sidewalk, along the side of the house and garage. So if you want to make your own moss terrarium, you can probably scrounge up some moss for free on the north side of a tree or building.

And while the moss is nice and green and has me in the mood for spring, I couldn't pass up a $2 bunch of color at the farmers' market. Once in awhile, you can buy happiness and the funny thing is, it doesn't cost much.

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