Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A New Spin on Vintage

A Vintage Affair
By Isabel Wolff

A Vintage Affair is the March pick for the library book club and I think this one will be a crowd pleaser. The book centers around Phoebe, the owner of a newly-opened high-end vintage clothing shop. She opens the shop after the devastating loss of her best friend and the dissolution of her engagement. As she searches for articles of clothing for the shop and greets customers, she meets people who help her to move past the tragedies in her life and embrace the possibilities of the future.

Isabel Wolff's characters were genuine and believable, and the story unwound naturally, at times sorrowful and then heartwarming. I loved the way the shop full of vintage clothing drew the characters to one another, almost becoming a character itself. It made the relationships between characters of all different ages pull together seamlessly, and the past and present mingled easily. A Vintage Affair wasn't a long book, but Wolff fleshed out the connections between Phoebe and a handful of minor characters in a way that crafted and deliberate, not hurried or added as an afterthought. I thought it was charming and engaging, with a weighty enough story that I didn't feel like I was reading fluff.

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