Friday, March 9, 2012

Oh the Shame

It's a sad day when I've let my dishcloth deteriorate to this condition:

Even the faucet is hanging his head in shame. But fear not, the situation has been remedied. After checking out a website my aunt clued me into, I chose this pattern and whipped up a new dishcloth in about an hour. That would be a baby-napping-hour, not a baby-tugging-on-my-leg-hour. So now the faucet can hold his head high again.

I would say that a new dishcloth makes doing the dishes fun, but I think you would know I was lying.


  1. I love it! Much more cheerful and seasonally appropriate!

  2. Love it! And I know you secretly love doing dishes with that. :)

    I should pull out my knitted washcloths again. They always seem to stink after a few uses, even when washed. I think K-town's water isn't so great, since our clothes sometimes don't seem so clean either.

    1. There is something in the water around here...I notice a lingering smell in dishcloths, towels, etc. too once they get damp.

  3. I might need that pattern if it's that easy!! xo


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