Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween is a Ball

It didn't take a lot of imagination to come up with Bert's Halloween costume, but it did take a little bit of work. We decided early on that he would be a football, and I figured I could make the costume cheaper than we could buy something.

I started with a $4 brown long-sleeved onesie.

 Then I found the Wilson logo and used Illustrator to layout the logo and laces. Then I flipped it so that I would have a mirror image so I could trace it onto the Wonder Under. Wonder Under is a fusible web used for adhering one fabric to another.

After it was traced on, I ironed it to white fabric.

Then I carefully cut out the logos and laces and ironed them onto the onesie. I started with the laces to make sure I got them centered up before adding the logos.

Then I used my sewing machine and did a zig-zag stitch around all the white fabric and added a black button to look like the hole where you would use an air pump to fill the ball. Add a pair of brown fleece pants, and Bert was ready to go!

Bert debuted his costume tonight for downtown merchants' trick-or-treat night. No candy for babies though; we just walked around and checked out all the other costumes. (Our favorite was a toddler dressed up as a gnome.) Then we came home and took a few pictures.

Happy Halloween!

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