Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh My Gourd

Last year, around the time we started pulling out Christmas decorations, Keith tossed a handful of gourds we had as fall decor into a bare spot of dirt next to the garage. He also plopped our pumpkins in the no-man's-land between our yard and the neighbors.

Low and behold, our "volunteer" gourds have been quite abundant. They have also taken over the sidewalk in the last two months and made it impossible to use the last ten feet of my clothesline.

We've been walking through the grass to get to the garage door so lots of wet feet in the mornings. I asked Keith if he could pull the gourds out now that he harvested a bunch of them and he told me no. In his words: "They're still growing! Now we have October gourds, and if we let them go, we can have November gourds!" He's out of his gourd. Look at all these. Do you really think we need November gourds?

But he's right. There are still more coming on. We did have some frost this morning so I don't know how much of a growing season they have left.

Accidental gardening will save us a couple bucks since we usually buy a few gourds every fall. We might still have to shell out for a pumpkin or two, since the two we grew are pretty tiny. In fact, you could say they are baby pumpkins.

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