Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bert Says "Go Ville!"

The men of the quarter-acre experienced a first on Saturday night:

Field Hockey!

My cousin Mary plays for Millersville, who happened to be playing here in town, so it was a perfect opportunity for some quality extended family time. We all gathered here before the game and visited for awhile before heading up to campus on the other side of town. It's especially fun to watch her play because she's carrying on a family tradition, playing for the same team as my mom and aunts.

Bert tried on his hat from Aunt P and Shell, and then Shell taught him how to put his pacifier in by himself. I promise we'll take the mittens off before he wears his hat for real!

Then it was off to the game. We all sat on the Ville side to cheer Mary and her teammates on, though Keith and I ended up at the top of the bleachers with a fussy Bert. 

Keith had loads of questions, a lot of which I couldn't answer because things have changed so much since I played. Aunt Debbie filled us in on the new rules though.

Bert might not have been too interested in the game, but he decided #17 was a star afterwards. As Mary said, "He just wants to spit up on me a little and then we'll be best friends." I think she's right. Too bad she isn't going to school here because she would definitely be hired as a babysitter!

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