Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winter? What the?

Saturday was to be our big fall wrap-up: applesauce day at my parents' house. And it was. The crazy part is that while fall was wrapping up, winter was winding up.

Here's a couple shots of us getting started sending the first batch of applesauce through the squeezo.

We did one batch in the morning (about 14 quarts) and were well into our second round when the power went out due to all the heavy snow around 3 p.m. So, Mom ran the rest of the cooked apples through and then set the applesauce outside to stay cold until the power came back on and we could continue canning. The power came back around 9 p.m., so the canning waited until the next morning. This is what we woke up to Sunday morning:

And one other big thing happened over the weekend. Before we added a bit of sugar to the applesauce, we let Bert get his first taste of real food!

He ate two or three tiny spoonfuls before he started pushing it back out with his tongue. I think we have another homemade applesauce fan on our hands!

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