Saturday, June 18, 2011

Take a Little Trip

On Friday morning, with a wide-open weekend ahead of us, I asked Keith to come up with something to do so we weren't just puttering around the house waiting for this baby to arrive. (He's due two weeks from today!) He came home with a newspaper clipping about a big yard sale to benefit the Burnside Plantation. We'd never been to the plantation, and we're always up for a yard sale, so we figured that would be a good way to spend part of our day.

The Burnside Plantation was a working farm that supported the Moravian Church community from the mid-1700s into the mid-1800s. Originally about 500 acres, 6.5 acres have been preserved and contain the farmhouse, summer kitchen, barn, and several outbuildings. It's open to visitors and sometimes there are demonstrations on farming and cooking techniques. Also, it is home to the Bethlehem Police Department's horses. Check it out here if you are interested in visiting.

We didn't find anything very exciting at the yard sale, but enjoyed looking around the garden and buildings on the farm. It was a gorgeous day and amazingly enough, I remembered to take my camera. So enjoy!

The terraced garden, with the log garden shed at the bottom

The summer kitchen; there was a baking demonstration going on

A charming garden gate

Another garden gate at the top of the garden

Detail of the log garden shed

Beautiful cabbage

The bank barn (where the horses live)

Prim and proper garden beds

Farm house with summer kitchen to the left, viewed from the garden

The orchard
There were several people in colonial garb tending to the garden and working in the summer kitchen. I assume they were volunteers which brought to mind the question, just how old does your property have to be for you to enlist volunteers to care for it? Is 88 years enough? Anybody want to bake in my kitchen or weed my garden? You don't have to dress like it's 1923 or anything.

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