Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ready and Waiting

With my due date less than two weeks away, we are feeling pretty ready for Bert to arrive. (I can hear you all laughing, because who is really ready for their first baby?) Maybe I should rephrase: the nursery is ready and our bag for the hospital is packed and in the car, along with the car seat.

We had a few projects to wrap up. Keith's was refinishing a glider, which came out beautiful.

It was a little touch-and-go for a bit as he tried to remember how it went together,

but he figured it out and we're both really pleased with it. We added a couple of cushions and a pillow from Target, and another from Sears, and we're ready to rock and roll rock.

My duties consisted of some little sewing projects. I wanted to make a cover for the changing pad and decided I wanted a ruffle on it. Over the phone, my mom explained how to make one. My attempt was unsuccessful, so next time I saw her, my mom made the ruffle while I watched and then I put the rest of the cover together.

Keith is still wondering why the changing pad needed a ruffle when we are having a boy, but what can I say? It's just the way I wanted it.

I also made some tie-backs for the curtains, mostly because I was in love with those big blue buttons.

I made the valance you can see at the top of the photo awhile back too.

And the changing table is stocked with our newborn-size disposable diapers and our cloth wipes and diapers.

So I guess we're ready. Right?

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