Monday, March 17, 2014

Wee Lil Green Man

Just by dumb luck (or early morning autopilot) Colter was dressed in green today, so Happy St. Patrick's Day!

As for the wee littlest man, he's napping and not dressed in green, so I guess he missed his chance for a blog appearance.

But how about a St. Patty's flashback while we're at it?

Seriously, where has the time gone?


  1. We loved finally seeing you guys yesterday. We were really impressed at how clear Colter articulates his words. Colter says Yes. James says Yea. Your kids are going to be some much more polite than mine!

  2. Hard to believe he is that big already when I see photos from the past, but then again I always think of him as the size he is now!

  3. Wow what a difference a year makes.....


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