Wednesday, March 19, 2014


File this under "stop putting off projects that really won't take that long." A month or so ago, we decided to put up the blinds in the laundry room. We bought them before Elliott was born but never mind that point. So we got started, only to discover that we didn't like the hanging hardware that came with the blinds. Actually, we might have resigned ourselves to so-so hardware if one of the hooks hadn't broken off when we went to install the second of the five blinds.

So, with a broken hook in hand, we left the one blind up and put the rest back in the box until we could get more hooks. Eventually, Keith made a run to the hardware store and picked up a couple packs of small white cup hooks, which look a lot better and blend into the trim nicely instead of the long, brassy hooks that came with the blinds. Then it only took us a couple more weeks to get back to hanging the blinds, a job which took all of about half an hour and we should not have procrastinated on.

The photos aren't great, but we are really happy with how they look. They work nicely with the red walls and add a ton of texture, without darkening up the room much at all. Though we will probably leave them in the middle position like they are in the photos most of the time, it's nice to be able to put them down if the sun is really beating on the room back there, which it does in the summer. The last thing we need to do is add some cord hangers to wrap the cords around so they are out of reach of little hands. Right now, they are just tucked up in-between the slats. The blinds came with that hardware but again, it is really brassy so we might spray paint them white before putting them up. You know, in another six months or so...

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