Wednesday, March 5, 2014

For the Birds

Sometimes I have ideas for projects that I think Colter will be really into working on with me. I get very excited, and pull out everything we need to create something, only to get a lukewarm reaction from the little man. Pinecone bird feeders were something I thought he would love, but his attention span was pretty short. And, in typical two-year-old fashion, he had no interest in following my instructions and insisted on doing it his way.

It's a pretty simple process to make these little bird feeders. First, tie a piece of string or yarn to the pinecone with a loop for hanging. Then spread with peanut butter, and simply roll in peanut butter.

Colter insisted on grabbing handfuls of birdseed and dumping them over the pinecones, which was less effective but possibly more fun.

Also, we had to have a little chat about not licking the peanut butter of his fingers after it was on the pinecones and in the birdseed.

At any rate, they made a nice little hands-on gift for his great-grammy's birthday and I'm told the birds loved them.

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