Saturday, January 4, 2014

Handyman Hand-Me-Down

Keith's sister has three boys, and as kids will, they outgrow things. Lucky for Colter, and eventually Elliott, they outgrew a great workbench and a load of play tools. Colter has been one busy worker since they dropped this off on Tuesday evening.

By the way, I did not put him in his tool shirt just for these pictures. He picked it out himself but it worked out perfectly!

There's that tongue sticking out while he concentrates that he gets from his mama!

Definitely a leftie!

The workbench is doing a stint in the living room at the moment, but Keith would like to start building our boys a collection of real tools, so I think eventually it will move to the basement next to Keith's workbench for some serious building.

Thanks, Karen, for the great workbench and tools! They will get plenty of use.


  1. Train him well and then send him my way. I will put him to work on a few projects.

  2. That tongue is in the genes....He looks like he is having a great time.

  3. He's in his element. And I can relate to the tongue thing too; I think we creative types all do that!

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