Monday, January 27, 2014

Feeling Shelf-ish

As you well know, the laundry room is a work in progress. A long, slow progress, but progress nonetheless. The latest changes have been adding a shelf and putting up a drying rack.

We picked up brackets at Lowe's months ago, then got a board from the farm when we were up just after Christmas. We finished it was some spar urethane to seal it up, then installed it.

The placement is a little odd because of the location of the outlets. Ideally, it would have gone right above the top of the washer and dryer, but we had to put it up higher, which is why we sprung for a little fancier brackets since we would see them all the time. We didn't even float the idea of moving the outlets because that just seemed like a lot more bother than it was worth.

Either way, all the laundry supplies are within easy reach and no longer clutter up the top of the dryer. And there is a bit of space for a few plants, since this room gets a lot of light. It took less than a minute to fill up the shelf. Go figure.

Then we finally put up the drying rack my friend gave me for my birthday at least a year ago. Now I'm trying to figure out how we lived without it. It is so handy for drying diaper covers and other delicates I don't want to put in the dryer, and for putting wet mittens, gloves, and hats on when we come in from playing in the snow.

It is high enough that we can walk under it, but really it doesn't stick out so much that it's in the way.

And it folds up nice and flat when we aren't using it. Which has rarely happened since we put it up.

Considering how much laundry I do these days, these little changes make a big difference in my daily routines. Now I don't have to shuffle things around on top of the dryer, or find random places to lay out diaper covers while they dry. And that makes this mama happy. 

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  1. That room is really coming together splendidly! I love the colors and use of unpainted wood in the shelf and drying rack. And those drying racks are great! I don't know what I'd do without mine, especially in summertime.


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