Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Highlights

Trick-or-treating in our town happens a week ahead of time, so last Wednesday we headed out for the downtown trick-or-treat night, when Main Street is shut down and many of the stores hand out candy. Colter was actually very excited to wear his lobster costume, having been allowed to run around the house in it a few days ahead of time.

Ok, so he doesn't look so excited but he was! He did a great job trick-or-treating and seemed to get the hang of it. But next year we are going to have to train him to go for the Reese's cups and Snickers, not the lollipops!

And yes, I am wearing a lobster bib while walking around with my little crustacean.

Check out this tank that someone built to go with these soldiers. Colter wanted to ride it. It actually drove down the street.

Bulldozer for the win! Those are toilet paper rolls to make the tracks. Might have to steal this idea in a couple years.

Back home, he was allowed one treat. Tough decisions. He went for a pack of fruit snacks.

Elliott was a tiny bear, because it was cold and that was the warmest sleeper on hand. We just lucked out that it had ears and we could pass it off as a costume of sorts.

The next night was neighborhood trick-or-treating, so while Keith stayed home to hand out candy, we dropped by two of the neighbors' houses.

This time I just wrapped Elliott in a yellow blanket and gave him a yellow hat and passed him off as the butter that comes with a lobster meal.

We also trick-or-treated in Keith's parents' neighborhood on Halloween night. I stayed back at their house with Elliott while Keith and his mom took Colter to a few houses. It was rainy and dark and we forgot the camera, but Colter was excited to go trick-or-treating with Grammy.

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