Thursday, November 7, 2013

Go Fly a Kite

It is amazing how every once in awhile, I learn something new about Keith, despite having been together for nearly nine years now.

Two weekends ago, I learned that he had never flown a kite. Had I known that ahead of time, I would have taken pictures of him doing it instead of him taking pictures of Colter and I.

This all came about because of Curious George and his kite. Colter is really into George, and wanted to fly a kite. Keith got very ambitious and tried to build the ubiquitous storybook kite with wood and newspapers, only to have it fall apart when he tried to toss it up into the air. So when my mom came down to help with Elliott, she brought along one of my kites that was still stashed in a closet back home. A beautiful, breezy Sunday morning, and we were ready to put it up.

Colter was not as into as we might have hoped (he was probably more excited to watch the homemade one smash to pieces) but it was still fun. And Keith can cross something off his bucket list.

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