Friday, November 22, 2013

Cocoa Power

My brother recently bought a house, and as he and his girlfriend settle in, I wanted to do a little something for them. Since they are still making lots of decisions about what they want for the house, I wasn't quite sure what. Until I saw this recipe for homemade chocolate syrup on the blog of a friend while trolling some of her older posts. Since they are both fans of chocolate milk and chocolate syrup on ice cream, it seemed like a sweet and simple gift to celebrate their new home.

The house smelled divine while Colter and I stirred it up, and he asked questions the whole time. When I told him that we were using cocoa powder, he had to taste it by itself and proceeded to call is cocoa "power." He might be onto something there, as it is often a bit of chocolate that gets me through the afternoon. (Since gin and tonics are discouraged before 5 or while nursing an infant.)

Perhaps the most fun (besides eating the leftover syrup that didn't fit in the jar) was making a little label for it. Oh I do love a five-minute project, especially when winging it works out.


  1. That's a great gift! I hadn't even considered making it for presents. Now my wheels are turning (and I'd better get a jump on making some more--we just ran out!). Go cocoa power!

  2. It seems you have forgotten and need a reminder. Glad I'm here to remind you of these important facts: it is 5 o'clock somewhere!! Also, you are at home, alone, with 2 small children, no one would fault you for a gin and tonic by 11 am occasionally. I'm sure there are days that it is well earned by that hour!!


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