Thursday, May 23, 2013

Windows to the World

Well, maybe windows to our world would be more accurate.

In an earlier post, I wrote about how we planned on replacing the windows of our laundry/mudroom was our big-budget project for the year. It was going to be the project for last year, but we ended up needing to replace the roof, so we waited until this year after we had saved up a bit more to tackle the windows.

We had a local company quote the job last summer, and were blown away by how much they wanted to replace five windows and the back door, and add a storm door. Early this spring, we got a quote from Lowe's and felt much more comfortable with their price (and the products were comparable) so we went with them. Besides a little mix-up with the install dates, everything went very smoothly.

So we went from a heavily-used room with windows that didn't have screen, blinds brittle with age, no storm door, and being able to see daylight between the door and door frame, new, bright white capping outside...

 ...and a new, much more secure and better insulated door and storm door...

...and five brand-new windows with screens.

We are thrilled that we were able to get windows with the same grids as we had before, which match the rest of the house. It cost a little extra, but we were also able to keep the transom above the door which we love because the front door and the door between the kitchen and laundry both have them as well. If you are passing by the house, everything looks consistent and true to the original style. 

It has already made such a difference on these warm days to be able to open up the windows in the back and get a breeze moving through the house. And we are looking forward to losing the draftiness we dealt with through the winters from this room.

We still have plenty to do to get this room to where we want it to be, which means freshened up and more functional. I already bought this bench cushion for a storage bench I'm going to get Keith to build (are you reading this, dear?). The room desperately needs to be painted, so this cushion also works as a jumping off point for picking a paint color.

The shelf (you can see it in some of the photos above) needs some more organized storage baskets (and I think I've got that wrapped up so I'll post a picture as soon as I have them in hand and organize things.) The washer has gotten very noisy lately, so we are going to swap out the old washer and dryer that were here when we moved in for the pair we have in the basement from when we were renters. A stacking washer and dryer would be ideal in the long run to free up more floor space, but we aren't rushing into that purchase since we have another working set. We would also like to put a new floor down, but it can wait a bit. Mostly, we noticed how easy it was to move around back there when we cleared things out for the window guys, and want to deal with the storage issues first. And blinds. Since  the back of the house faces west, it gets all the afternoon sun so we do need to get blinds for all five windows (we did get a door with built-in blinds) and get them up. But painting first! Keith, what were you planning for the weekend? (As if I could make a decision on paint color that quickly...)

And if you are wondering what happened to our turtle, Cash, who used to reside back here, he has a new home in the chemistry classroom of the school where my aunt teaches. We were happy to find someone who wanted him and was willing to give him a good home. And Keith was relieved Cash wasn't going to become the specimen for a biology class dissection.

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  1. The basket situation is definitely wrapped up! You will have them in hand this weekend! Can't wait to see what you do to the porch. Maybe it will give me the incentive to work on mine...


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