Monday, May 13, 2013

Mommy's Day

Mother's Day (or Mommy's Day as Bert called it) was a pretty simple affair. I requested a picnic, and Keith delivered. We headed to a man-made lake about half an hour away. We had never been there before and we very impressed by what we found. There is a small beach area, a nice playground, tons of picnic tables and pavilions, and lots of trails. We didn't do any of the trails, mostly because we couldn't figure out where they started (the maps left a bit to be desired) but we were quite content to lounge about on the picnic blanket, watch Bert scamper around the playground, and hang out on the little sandy shore. Bert was even excited to get in the water, which surprised us both, so we rolled up his pants and let him wade around, with Keith nearby so he didn't go under. (Do I get a mom point for thinking ahead to bring an extra pair of pants for him?) We were happy to see him so excited about the water, and hope that he still feels the same way for our Maine trip this summer.

Lunch was turkey-cheese-and-spinach sandwiches, grapes, potato salad, and sweet potato chips.

Bert was happy to have a big fork like the grown-ups.

Nice hair, huh? It was a breezy day. And this is the only picture of me from the day.

Little cheesecakes for dessert. Eaten to the refrain of a tiny voice pleading, "'Nother bite?"

The man that made it all happen.

Keith laid down and Bert wanted to lay down too. It lasted about as long as it took to get a picture of it.

Bert was wildly impressed by the discovery of a big piece of wood.

We managed to keep Bert awake on the drive home, so he took a nice long nap, which was the icing on the cake of the day. And they made me a really sweet card complete with Bert's handprints, which might have to go in a frame. Last but not least, my Mother's Day gift was a label maker so pretty much anything that doesn't move around here is getting a label.

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  1. It looks like you had a great time! My mother's day for the past few years was a picnic, last year we went to Green Lane, but we've spent many a day at this place. And I think I took that same shot of S when he was that age inside that slide with the holes on the side. It was nice to see Bert framed in that shot now.

    We'll have to take the kids out there some weekday. It's a great park, except on hot summer weekends when it is jam packed. Here's some pics of when we went for the first time too.


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