Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What Little Boys Are Made Of

Way back in this post, I was already anticipating the combination of little slimy creatures and boys. And this weekend, it came true. Keith was outside planting a new rosebush, but it wasn't long before he came in with his gloved hands cupped around something, requesting a peanut butter jar. What he had was a handful of salamanders.

After he was done with the rosebush, I suggested he find the little plastic tank we had in the basement and put some dirt in it so Bert could look at the salamanders a little longer. Outfitted with some rocks, dirt, twigs, and leaves, the salamanders had themselves a nice little hotel for their overnight stay. They weren't even here long enough to name, and I had a few good ones in mind: Sally, Salome, Salvatore...

There wasn't much excitement in viewing them, as we could only see the occasional tail.

When Keith got home, he and Bert let them go in the garden.

Well, it was a bit more flinging than gently letting go.

Then there was some dirt dumping.

I guess the future holds more of this, times two!

1 comment:

  1. That is so cool! I'll bet Bert loved it, especially the flinging part. :)


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