Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Hot Seat

As we were sitting finishing up supper the other night, I could see a fire engine parked around the corner. No sirens, no flashing lights, just the truck and two casually dressed men. I wondered aloud to Keith what was going on but we didn't have any idea. Just a bit later, as we were clearing the table, the truck was slowly making its way up our street and I could see one of the men going door to door. Bert was watching out the window, fascinated, when the man came to our door. The explanation is that the fire department was selling tickets for their barbecue chicken dinner. Bert stood at the front door as Keith bought two tickets, and the man said, "He can go sit in the truck if he wants." Oh boy, did he ever.

I took him out, and Keith grabbed the camera. First he got to sit in the front seat, then we all climbed into the jump seats in the rear of the cab.

Lucky for us, our neighbor had come out to see what Bert thought of the truck and snapped a picture of the three of us.

Fire engines were the hot topic for the rest of the evening.


  1. What a surprise for Colter! You'll have to bring him to the egg hunt next Saturday--they always have the truck there. He's a professional hot-seater now.

    1. I have started hiding eggs and encouraging C to find them, more determine interest than egg-hunt success and he seems completely perplexed by the idea. A fire truck would certainly sweeten the pot though!


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