Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dirt Ball

With the gorgeous weather we had last weekend, we were all antsy to get outside. Keith worked on turning over the garden, I cleaned up leaves and twigs that had accumulated in the yard over the winter and thinned out the strawberry bed, and Bert worked on getting dirty. Very dirty.

This is what we call full-contact gardening.

At one point, I turned around and wasn't sure where he had gotten to. Can you find him?

Keith had dug out the dead apple trees in anticipation of our replacements arriving (they have arrived and I'll fill you in on that soon) and Bert decided the hole suited him pretty well.

Watching him climb out kind of reminds me of tunneling past the fences in the movie The Great Escape.

Now our little Steve McQueen just needs a motorcycle to roar off on.

Funny how you don't have to teach a kid to get dirty; it's just instinct.


  1. He looks so cute and so focused on what he's doing. You're right, you definitely don't need to teach them to get dirty. My boys were rolling in dirt too last weekend as we got our raised beds ready.

  2. I love the military drill style crawling through the mud! He looks like a tiny paratrooper or something.


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