Monday, March 18, 2013

Holla! (Challah!)

If you aren't into hearing me pat my own back for a moment, skip this post.

Last week, I decided I wanted to make the bacon breading pudding we had on Christmas morning again. But when I went to the grocery store, they didn't have any challah bread, or anything remotely similar. I briefly considered trying another grocery store, then I thought, Why not make my own challah?

I dug out a Williams-Sonoma baking book my mom had passed on to me, and read over the challah recipe. It seemed pretty straight forward and I had all the ingredients on hand so why not go for it? The dough came together really easily, and I debated for a moment whether I wanted to bother braiding it or not, since it would just be cut up for the bread pudding. In the end I braided it because I figured I had already put the time into it, what were a few more minutes? I'm so glad I did.

Because I may be more proud of this than anything that has ever come out of my oven.

Besides, you know, the bun that came out nearly two years ago.

Close-ups, anyone?

It tastes as wonderful as it looks. I must have just enough of my Jewish great-grandmother and my always-baking grammy to pull this one off.

As for the recipe, Williams-Sonoma had done me (and my fingers) the great favor of having it posted on their website, so click here if you are interested.


  1. It's beautiful!!! Makes me want to go bake a loaf, but we're supposed to be GF. :-/ Maybe I'll make it for one of our "days off." Thanks for sharing. :-)

  2. Oh wow, that's beautiful!! I'd love to have your recipe. :)


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