Monday, December 3, 2012

A Picture is Worth...

Way back in the spring when we went to the zoo, we took a ton of photos of the animals. I had a bunch of them printed, thinking I would do something with them for Bert. Finally, I got my act together and pulled them out, along with a bunch of other assorted photos, to make a little photo book for Bert.

It's a pretty simple project, since all you need is:
• a small photo album (I found mine at the dollar store),
• an assortment of photos,
• some white labels,
• a marker,
• and about 20 minutes.

I started off by using a piece of colored paper and writing "Colter's Book of Words & Names" (that's right, his name is not really Bert in case you didn't catch that already) on it to cover up the original front, which said "Memories" or something.

Next I sifted through my box of photos for ones I wanted to include. I was just going to do the zoo animals, but thought it would be fun to include some everyday words (like sandbox and bath tub) and some faces of friends and family, especially those he doesn't get to see often.

Then I simply used a marker to write the words and names on labels, stuck them to the photos, and slid them in the album.

The album is only about two-thirds full, so we can add some more. I want to include some more friends and family as we get some photo cards this holiday season, as well as taking some photos of people to add.

Bert has flipped through the book, but I think I will keep it in my purse to amuse him on the occasions when we are stuck waiting in line or something and I need to keep him occupied. He loves to look at books with photos on his own, so hopefully this will do the trick. I've seen similar things done with photo books that can be ordered from places like Snapfish or Shutterfly, but I would be upset if I spent $20 or more and then he ripped it apart, so a $1 album and a random assortment of photos seemed like a better direction for Bert the Destroyer.


  1. What a great idea! I love it! This caught my eye, and so I double checked. Hope this helps!


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