Saturday, September 29, 2012

Clean Up: Part 2

Some more fall clean up is happening this weekend, and Bert got very dirty. We spent the morning pulling weeds and plants that are done producing, dead-heading some perennials, removing tomato cages and stakes, and burying all that vegetation to help speed along its breakdown. Bert played in his sandbox and pushed his wheelbarrow around for awhile, but when we headed for the garden, we put him right in with us. It was one large, dirty playpen and we could go about our work without worrying that he was making a break for the alley.

The last of the tomato crop

Bert thought it was hysterical when I wiggled the stakes back and forth to get them out.

Doing a little stake wiggling of his own!

American Gothic: Quarter-Acre Style

A Bert-sized pumpkin

I guess he doesn't understand that there is a whole process to making pumpkin pie.

"Dad, how about you dig a hole and I'll sit in it?"

I shouldn't be surprised that the lens got dirty.

Good thing kids are washable. It was so funny to watch him set loose in the garden. After a summer of telling him not to pull the tomatoes that hung over the fence, he was thrilled to pull and dig and squish to his heart's content. And we are glad he likes to get dirty. Because there are lots of garden chores in store for him in the coming years!

And can I just say I am in love with his little raincoat? They go for about $40 new but my mom and I found it at a kids' consignment shop for $3. I was so excited. 

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