Thursday, December 15, 2011

Little Guy, Meet the Big Guy

Since Bert was about two weeks old, we've been going to the library for what they call lap-sit story time at least once a week. He loves the songs and stories and the lap time, but today it got even better. Bert got to sit on the most famous lap in the world...

He seemed more than a little confused, but unlike most of the other kids, he didn't cry. I'm just relieved that he didn't spit up on Santa's nice red suit. Pretty sure Mrs. Claus has enough to do without removing curdled milk from velvet. And yes, Bert did wear reindeer booties and his Snoopy Christmas onesie for the occasion. What can I say, the kid is a sharp dresser.

I'm also glad he didn't yank off Santa's beard. It would have been terrible to be the people responsible for making the parents of about 20 preschoolers explain why Santa's beard is detachable.

I think I overheard him asking Santa for a pony. And I think Santa said Popper could help in that department. Right, Popper?

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