Tuesday, September 6, 2011

T is for Tractor

Just shy of being two months old, Bert attended his first tractor show. His Popper can't believe it took that long. I bet you can guess what he thought of it...

Yep, that's right. He slept through it. Even with his Popper driving by in the tractor parade. We thought this was the funniest tractor-and-driver pair of the parade...

Keith checked out the flea market tables, Memere did a little shopping...

Someday, this will be Bert. But the tractor better be red!

 We saw some cool old trucks and posed (or should I say parked?) Bert with some Popper-approved tractors.

Bert now travels with an entourage. We are going to try to start a tradition of taking his little Bert and Ernie dolls with us whenever we travel or go see cool things to take pictures with them.

The farmer pose

Safety first!
And now for the first-ever Quarter-Acre Challenge: Can you spot the difference between these two photos?

No prizes, except for maybe a chuckle.


  1. I hope I win! I could use a chuckle. I'd say that photo #1 is missing a large man in a sleeveless shirt that matches the (beer-filled?) cooler strapped to the front of his (also matching) red tractor. Clearly he knows how to show his lady a good time. Also missing is the tractor enthusiast in a (not red) plaid shirt. How did I do?

  2. You win! And I win a chuckle from you! Thanks for playing!

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