Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Footballing and Festing

Fall is upon us and we crammed as much into one weekend as possible.

Friday night was a high school football game. Bert's first football game! And, lo and behold, he did not sleep through it. He cried his way through the second half of the game though.

Bert ruins a great shot by spitting up...
Jury is still out on whether Bert is a football fan or not. I would say he's not a fan of crowds, loud noises, and late nights. He must take after his mother.

On Saturday, Bert got decked out in his toasty pumpkin outfit (thanks, Erin!) to go to an apple festival with Mom and Memere.

It was pick-your-own organic apples, so we brought home about half a bushel to make apple pie and apple baby food. Yum yum!

Yes, I look ridiculous.

The apple picking took a little more coordination than expected with Bert strapped on. There was also a cool straw bale maze for kids, so we'll have to make this a yearly destination when Bert is big enough to climb around on it.

Then we hit up the Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living Festival on Sunday. (Talk about a granola-and-Birkenstock crowd.) We got to see some cool displays on electric cars and solar powered everything under the sun (get it?) and sit in on a presentation about disaster preparedness and another on solar energy for the home. We wanted to check out one on urban beekeeping but Bert had hit his limit for lectures. We didn't take many pictures there, but here's one of him in his lumberman jacket since the morning was cool...

and another with his good friend, Bert!

Whatever this fall has in store for us, at least we were able to squeeze in one fun-filled weekend.

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