Thursday, April 21, 2011

Welcome to Our Crib

Once the carpet was in place, we were gung-ho to get the crib and dresser together. With a small room that has a large window, two separate closets, and the main door, it was a little tricky to find furniture that would fit. After a lot of online searching, we determined that a crib and changer combo would be the best fit since we have one long wall it could go on. We ordered the combo piece online from Target and it was sitting in its box in the dining room for about a month and a half. Quite an attractive addition to the decor. Then the trick was finding a dresser to match. We finally stumbled across one at Babies R Us that is a very close match. We had checked out Goodwill and some used furniture places, as well as a couple "real" furniture stores, but things either weren't the right fit or were way too expensive. The dresser we bought is plenty sturdy enough for little kid clothes.

Of course, Keith was thrilled that both pieces of furniture were assembly-required. What a trooper. He put the dresser together pretty much by himself as soon as the carpet installers had left.

The crib construction was a joint project, in which I read instructions and found the right pieces and then watched Keith do all the manual labor. In which I forgot to take any photos except of the finished crib. But everybody knows what furniture construction looks like: packing material, random fasteners, one dinky allen wrench, and mass confusion. You get the picture.

I just realized the hamper under the changer is missing its knob because I unscrewed it take along to find matching stain for the glider Keith is refinishing. We'll catch you up on that when it's finished. Or refinished, as the case may be.

MTV's "Cribs" has nothing on this, fo' shizzle.

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