Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Piece of House History

A couple weeks ago when we were working on the bathroom, I mentioned that we were looking for something to do with the wallpaper swatches we saved from the dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. We bought this house because we fell in love with its character and history, even if parts of it did look a little dated. So we wanted to preserve some of that history and put it on display for any guests we have, and if the previous owners ever stop by.

We had received a collage frame a little while back as a gift and decided that it would be great to combine the wallpaper swatches with some shots of the house while it was "in progress". (Ok, it's still in progress, and will probably always be in progress, but these were taken as we moved in.)

I wish we had more photos of the house as it was when we bought it, but we didn't have a camera at the time. My mom did take a bunch whenever she came to visit, but we started pulling wallpaper off the day we bought the house so she didn't have a chance to get a lot of "before" shots. Now we have a camera and everybody gets to see the evolution of our home (since I don't think there is ever quite an "after", just completed steps).

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