Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Balloon Animals

When we saw my aunt a couple weeks ago, she gave Colter a book about making balloon animals and a handful of balloons. A few days later, Colter was asking incessantly for balloon animals, so I dug around for a pump to blow up the long balloons and made my first attempts at an air-filled menagerie. First we had a red dog that provoked a tantrum because – and I quote – IT'S NOT A BLUE CAT! Then we had a yellow swan that looked much more X-rated than elegant. Next up, per Colter's request, was a pink snake, which did nothing for the age-appropriateness of this endeavor.

But our crowning achievement, and the photo-worthy creation, was a giraffe. Ok, it is not very proportional (or perhaps even photo-worthy) but it got a lot of mileage when we hit on the idea of adding spots with stickers.

See? Even Elliott wants one.

I don't suppose I'll be hiring out for any birthday parties, but it was a fun way to fill that time between dinner and bedtime. Thanks Aunt Debbie!

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