Thursday, April 17, 2014

Let's Roll!

It just doesn't seem possible that Elliott is big enough to ride around in his own set of wheels. Well, they are his now because Colter is too big for this car, though he will still squeeze himself in it with hopes of being pushed wildly around the patio until his mommy is dizzy.

Might this be the last time my boys share a car without whining?

Colter, on the other hand, is currently into driving his cozy coupe car off the sidewalk or patio and down the little bank for the three-quarters-of-a-second thrill of wondering whether it will tip over or not. (Mostly it doesn't.) Then he likes to stay sitting in it while his mother tries to push it back up said bank and start all over again. I do believe the mantra of toddlerhood is, "One more time!" (Unless he doesn't like something, and then it is without a doubt "No!")

Here's hoping for some more mild and sunny days when we can all be outside!

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