Friday, April 11, 2014

Busy Needles

I like to follow a pattern. I like to do what it says and have the desired results. So adapting a pattern is something I rarely do. But there's this baby hat that I like to make, and a friend asked for one for her baby and one for her toddler as well. So obviously the one for the toddler needed to be bigger.

The first round of adapting and it was way too big. Way too big even for my head. I was farther in than you might expect because it was squished on my needles and tough to determine how big it really was. So, I pulled it apart and started over. I knew I needed to be somewhere between the baby hat and my first attempt, probably closer to the baby end of the spectrum. And this time, I decided to write down what I did, in case I ever want to make another. Since I've done all the figuring, why not share it?

Toddler Hat (that's it on the right)
adapted from Artful Yarns' Candy One Skein Baby Hat

Work on size 7 double points or small circular needle.

Cast on 98 stitches, divide over three needles if working on dp. Join in the round.
Work in St st. until piece measures 4 1/2".
Dec row 1: {K5 sts, k2tog] 14 times - 84 sts. Work 9 rows even.
Dec row 2: [K4 sts, k2tog] 14 times - 70 sts. Work 6 rows even.
Dec row 3: [K3 sts, k2tog] 14 times - 56 sts. Work 3 rows even.
Dec row 4: [K2 sts, k2tog] 14 times - 42 sts. Work 1 row even.
Dec row 5: [K1 st, k2tog] 14 times - 28 sts. Work 1 row even.
Dec row 6: [K2tog] across - 14 sts. Work 1 row even.
Dec row 7: [K1 st, k2tog], with 10 sts. remaining.
Work even for 3 1/2", cast off.
Tie knot at top of hat.

I hope I made all my notes right and my math works out because I just wrote it down as I went but haven't worked it again from my own pattern. Does somebody else want to do it and let me know if it doesn't work?

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