Monday, December 9, 2013

A Glimpse of Christmas

Just before the first snowfall blew in, we managed to get our decorating done. I thought I'd share a few photos of us at work. And if the house is ever picked up enough to get some nice shots of all the decorations, well, then you'll get to see more.

We thought we'd get the tree decorated while both boys napped. And then neither of them napped. The best laid plans...

Poor Elliott and his piddly little "E" stocking. I really need to get his finished for next year!

Keith, as usual, was in charge of the outside decorations but had a little "help" from Colter to decorate the tree on the front porch.

But maybe the most joyful part of the season so far is seeing these two find a bit of joy in one another.

Colter has been asking to hug Elliott, kiss Elliott, hold Elliott, more and more. If I lay Elliott on the floor, his big brother comes over to talk and show him toys. Elliott, for his part, smiles and "talks" when Colter pays attention to him. We have been telling Colter since before Elliott was born that when Elliott got bigger, they could play together so when I suggested that he play with his little brother the other day, he ran over, yelling, "He got bigger!" I think he was a tad disappointed that he wasn't really any bigger. But, Colter is definitely much more interested than he was even a week ago and we haven't heard much of "You can put him down now" or the classic "Elliott can go back to the hospital" lately. He also likes to bring Elliott's burp cloth over so, in his words, "Elliott can burp and spit out all of his milk." Ah, life with boys.

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  1. I love your teeny tree! Though this is coming from someone else with one like that. I'm sure Colter was a big help, he looks like he had a great time.


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